Efrain is a Colombian actor who has lived in Canada for 15 years. He started his career at the “Pequeño Teatro” in Medellín and participated in productions such as “The Price” by Arthur Miller, “Murder in the Cathedral”, by T. S. Eliot, “The School for Wives” by Moliere and “The Tempest” by W. Shakespeare, among others. In Colombia, he was the main actor in series such as “El Club 10” , “Traga Maluca”, by Caracol Televisión, along with multiple unit productions for Colombian television, and in the short film “Lo Que Sea”, written and directed by Luis Eduardo Mejía.

In Canada, he was part of the cast of “Welcome” and “Just Another Morning”, productions written and directed by Jaime Escallón-Buraglia. He also participated as an actor in the short film “Denied”, written and directed by Jorge Manzano.

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Germán Taupier is an editor who has worked for more than 10 years on different projects in Canada. He started in theater in 1984 as an amateur actor in Cuba, then graduated from theater school. The first years after graduating, he dedicated himself to teaching theater to children and adults in different cultural centers in his hometown, Camagüey, Cuba.

He worked in different theater groups as a professional actor, “Teatro del espacio interior”, being the most important. There, he acted in different plays such as “La nave de los Perros”, “Circus”, etc. He also worked at “La edad de oro”, a theater group for children. In his last years in Cuba, he dedicated himself to the artistic direction of the shows.

Germán moved to Canada 20 years ago and dissociated himself from the theater, acting only on one project with a group of Italian immigrants. After trying different jobs, he felt the need to return to art. This led him to study editing at Sheridan College. “Just Another Morning” helps Germán reconnect with his past as an actor. It is a great possibility to feel the emotion of acting and knowing that the flame of acting never dies.

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Liliana Suárez is an actress, director and theater teacher graduated from the Faculty of Arts of the University of Antioquia. As an actress, she has worked with theater directors such as José Manuel Freidel, Rodrigo Saldarriaga, Fernando Velásquez and Beatriz Pizano among others. She has also performed in different television productions in Colombia, among which are “Traga Maluca” by Caracol Tv and “El Verdadero Rodrigo Leal” by RCN Televisión. She was also part of the cast of the short film “Lo Que Sea”, written and directed by Luis Eduardo Mejía.

She has lived in Canada for 15 years where she has acted in “Welcome” and “Just Another Morning”, productions written and directed by Jaime Escallón-Buraglia and “Denied”, short film written and directed by Jorge Manzano. She currently works as a guest actress for the Aluna Theater in Toronto, Canada.

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Pamela Archer is a Mexican-Canadian artist who began exploring music, theater and dance at the young age of 11. She began her career taking part in children’s plays, which subsequently led her to participate in television programs under the production of Luis de Llano and Julissa on Televisa. In addition to continuing with her school studies, she began her career in musical theater participating in different plays such as “Vaseline”, “Godspell”, “The Nutcracker”, and “Evita”. There, she also obtained the substitution role of Eva Perón’s character, represented by Rocío Banquels.

Pamela has also worked as a chorister for artists such as Fey and Juan Gabriel, performing on stages like the National Auditorium, Universal Studios in Los Angeles and the Radio City Music Hall in New York. Pamela debuted on the big screen in 2017 with a participation in the movie “Downsizing” with Matt Damon and “Shape of Water” under the direction of Guillermo Del Toro. Pamela is happy to continue her professional career on the big screen and on stage in Canada.

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Paz Jurado was born in Santiago de Chile in 1989. At the age of 17 she began to study acting at the Uniacc University of Santiago de Chile, where she was appointed “Actress and Scenic Communicator” in 2011. In the last year of her career she traveled to Mexico City to study “Dramatic Literature and Theater” at UNAM University. Once back in her country, Paz completed a specialization in acting for film and television at the University of Chile.

In 2013, Jurado worked on the movie “Pearl” directed by Sergio Castilla. In 2015, this production was released in all cinemas in Chile. At the end of filming, Paz returned to Mexico where she acted in various films and plays until 2016, when she traveled to Guatemala to participate in the Latin American Film Festival ICARO; and in parallel, she began to work in the Obra Macbeth, directed by Horacio Almada. At the end of the theatrical season, Paz moved to Canada to continue working in the film industry. Upon arriving in Toronto, Paz attended an audition and was called to participate in the film “Just Another Morning” directed by Jaime Escallón-Buraglia. Paz is currently in Toronto working on new projects.

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Carlos Felipe Martínez is an actor from Mexico City, where he graduated in Theater Performance from the prestigious CasAzul Performing Arts acting school, directed by Argos Televisión. After a couple of years working in the local theater scene, he moved to Toronto, Canada, to continue his studies. In 2016, he graduated in Acting for Film and Television at Humber College and received the Academic Excellence Award and the Dorothy Phillips Memory Award. Today he continues his passion working in film, television, voice acting, commercials and theater.

Some of his credits in Canada include appearances in the second season of the television show “Mary Kills People,” “BTK: A Killer Among Us” by Investigation Discovery and ads for Swiss Chalet and Pom Wonderful. He has also worked on numerous short films, including “Standby”, which was presented at the BIFAN Film Festival, the Calgary Film Festival and the San Diego Film Festival among others. He also voiced the lead role of a new animated show by Brown Bag Studios and 9 Story Media Group. His goal is to build a meaningful career in Toronto, Canada.

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