One morning, Efrain finds out that his colleague Germán is about to hang himself from an industrial crane. Although at the beginning he tries to prevent him from doing such madness, Efrain loses his patience with Germán’s complaints. After a while, Liliana, Pamela and María arrive. Initially, they are shocked by the situation but eventually adopt the same cynical position Efrain has. Everyone involved is Latino, immigrated to Canada, and share many of the difficulties that this brings.

Germán is not the only one who suffers. The situation ends up connecting all the characters and after a final moment of crisis, German agrees to put aside his intentions of suicide and has breakfast with his colleagues. Germán disappears and as the days go by, the lives of Efraín, Liliana, Pamela and María take uncertain directions. For a moment, everyone comes to think that Germán might be right in what he wanted to do.